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Introducing the Sage Jam -- a NEW program for 2022!

Quarterly Sage Jams are open to all Virtual and All-Access Sage Sisters Members.

It is a dedicated time to review, finish, and intentionally integrate what we've learned from the previous Workshop and Book.

What is a Sage Jam?

Attending Workshops and Book Club discussions is important for our learning, but it's easy to set the ideas and our notes aside and not take full advantage of what we've learned.

A Sage Jam is a play on a musical jam session. It's time set aside each quarter to synthesize our learning. Finish an assignment, practice what was taught, share your aha moments, ask questions, and/or explore how to apply our learning to our lives and make it our own.

What to Expect

Spend the time how you'd like. The first 30 minutes will include open discussion, sharing, and questions. The remainder of the time can be used for silent individual work or group practice. State your intention for the time at the start, mute/silence your computer as you wish, and come back at the end to share your progress. Pop in and out as your time allows.

Join Us Online

We meet quarterly, in February, May, August, and November, on Zoom on the 4th Thursday from 7-9pm ET.

Women seated closely in a circle with their hands gathered together in the middle

Preparation Questions

  • Was there an activity I did not complete from the Workshop or Book that I'd like to work on?
  • What pieces do I want to regularly practice or incorporate into my life? How will I do that? Do I want or need suggestions?
  • Who do I need to be, and what do I need to do, to take full advantage of what I have learned?
  • Is there something we learned that I'd like to practice with others?

Sage Jam Benefits

  • A dedicated time to review your notes and integrate what you've learned / make it your own
  • Get support and ideas and share your own knowledge and ideas to help others

Membership enables you to participate in the Sage Jams!