About The Sage Sisters

Sage : adj. inspiring, insightful | n. wise woman, guide | n. purifying herb

Are you looking for authentic connections, soul-enriching relationships, personal growth, and greater happiness?

If so, you've come to the right place!

The Sage Sisters is a community of women who have a thoughtful and positive approach to life and love discovering, learning, and growing.

We believe in opening our minds and hearts to discover more about ourselves and others; we want to learn new perspectives, ideas, tools, and techniques that will enhance our life experiences; and we subscribe to the idea that growth is a lifelong journey.

The Sage Sisters is a community that’s sacred, safe, and nurturing –- a place to be yourself, share your wisdom, learn from others, and become more of who you are meant to be.

We engage in in-person and virtual events, including book club discussions, interactive workshops, mastermind sessions, and socials.

Person watering sage in a garden with a watering can.

Join Us!

The first thing to do is participate in an event, either in-person or virtually, to get to know us.

Discover first-hand whether we are your people. (We hope we are!)

Are We Your Sisters?

Here is a bit more about us. We...

  • Want to discover, learn, and grow
  • Actively focus on our own personal development
  • Seek to nourish our minds and our souls
  • Are warm and welcoming
  • Value open-mindedness and open-heartedness
  • Have meaningful discussions
  • Are intentional, thoughtful, and self-aware
  • Connect authentically and create a safe space for one another
  • Listen, acknowledge, and are empathetic
  • Share perspectives, wisdom, insights, knowledge, and resources
  • Offer acceptance, curiosity, kindness, respect, trust, and confidentiality
  • Bring positive energy and express gratitude
  • Support, inspire, and encourage one another
  • Are inclusive, and welcome all those who identify or express themselves as female, regardless of sexual orientation, race, religion, nationality, or ability
  • Are not perfect, and work daily to become the best versions of ourselves

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"I have grown in so many ways personally, emotionally, and spiritually from being a member of The Sage Sisters, and I have met some amazing women along the way, too. I am appreciative of the safe space that has allowed me to open up, to be vulnerable, and to really dig deep within myself. I feel like I have a strong foundation on which to continue to build the best version of myself. I appreciate all the love, compassion, and understanding extended to me." - Sage Sisters Member