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Sage Circles are opportunities for Members to connect. They are group discussions that offer each participant an equal amount of time to share and contribute.

What to Expect

We each have knowledge, unique perspectives, and sage wisdom. Sage Circles are group discussions focused on a particular topic. They are opportunities for all Members to connect, share, and learn from one another.

Topics of discussion fall into the categories of mindset and our inner selves, relationships and communication, spiritual growth, physical wellbeing, and practical living.

Sage Circles are facilitated by Janet Tamassia or Sage Members and include equal (but optional) sharing by all participants. Resources and general tips may be shared with Members in summary form following the event.

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Our discussions are open, thoughtful, and respectful. Participation is optional; members are encouraged to participate in the events they believe will help them discover, learn, and grow.

Sage Connection Circles

Sage Connection Circles are monthly events for Sage Members to connect, stay focused on their own growth paths, and support one another's journeys. It is a time to contribute to and receive from the group -- to celebrate, care, contribute, and be in community together.

They are facilitated by Janet Tamassia. The format starts with a check-in to honor how each member is feeling in the present moment, and concludes by identifying follow-up actions and a final check-in.

Each Member is invited to share what is important to them at the time of the call, with equal time to share and receive support/feedback/resources, if requested.


  • Celebration: Let us share in your joy!

  • Check-In: Accountability focused on any area of your life where you want to grow.

  • Challenge: Share a challenge you are facing and ask for listening ears, support, feedback/suggestions, and/or resources.

  • Contribution: Share something you've experienced/learned, a tool/technique, a resource, an area where you've grown, etc.

  • Company: You do not wish to share but attend to be present with and support the group.


  • Listening: No response

  • Support: Words or other types of support

  • Feedback: Including perspectives and suggestions

  • Resources: Books, podcasts, classes, practitioners, tools/practices, etc.

When We Meet

Sage Connection Circles meet monthly on a weeknight (Mon-Thu) in Eastern Time. Nights will rotate to accommodate varying schedules. Additional Sage Circles may spout up throughout the year based on Member interest. They may be held as a one-time event or a regular event.

See our upcoming Sage Circles:

Membership enables you to participate in Sage Circles!