Programming Overview

Online Connections

Facebook Group

All are welcome to engage within a private Facebook Community group.

Member Portal

Sage Sisters Members engage within a private Member Portal which contains a Discussion Board and Resource Library.


Book Club

The Book Club reads and discusses personal development books.

Includes teaching the main concepts of the book followed by an open discussion.

Meets quarterly.

Chat with the Sages

Chat with the Sages events include teaching and discussing a personal development topic.

Sage Members teach/facilitate. All are invited to participate and discuss.

Meets as scheduled.

Circle Events

Sage Circles are opportunities for all Members to equally share on a particular topic. The Sage Connection Circle focuses on our individual growth journeys.

Facilitated by Janet Tamassia or Sage Members. All participants are given equal time to share/contribute.

The Connection Circle meets monthly. Additional Circles meet as scheduled.

Teacher Events

Members offer events related to their own expertise.

Facilitated by Sage Members.

Meets as scheduled.

"The Sage Sisters is a great group with multiple activities to support each other and learn personal growth. With book club meetings, seminars, and group meetings to discuss issues important to us and get different views, it’s up to us what works best for us to grow and thrive." - Sage Sisters Member