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The Sage Sisters offers community and connection to all.

We are a small community of growth-minded women focused on personal growth.

Our unique value is the connection we offer to one another.

Membership enables you to:

  • Create friendships with other growth-minded and heart-centered women

  • Stay focused on your personal growth

  • Learn and grow in the areas that are most important to you

  • Gain insight, discover new ideas, and learn about resources

  • Receive inspiration and support

  • Share your own knowledge, expertise, and wisdom

  • Feel safe in a space we create together, filled with mutual respect and trust

Five women standing at the edge of a body of water, arms entwined and looking out at the setting sun.

A Bit More About Our Membership

  • We honor the flow of life. How much and how often you participate is up to you. 

  • We are all on a  journey and are here to contribute to the group and/or receive support, depending on what we need and can offer.

  • We honor each individual's path, no matter where you are starting, what your pace is, or what you are intrigued by and learning.

  • We use our Facebook group, Member discussion board, and events to share, and create discussions around topics we are passionate about or want to learn about. 

  • We participate wearing our personal and/or professional hats. We benefit from the skills, talents, knowledge, and opportunities offered by our members.

There are two ways to participate with us.

Choose the option that suits you best.

If you are curious but want to make sure we are a good fit...

Membership Options

We also offer a discount if you join with a friend. Please inquire!

"It has been a wonderful experience joining like-minded women in conversations that provides so much support and personal growth. I am so fortunate to have found the Sage Sisters last year and greatly appreciate the exceptional leadership that Janet brings to this great group of women!" - Sage Sisters Member

Becoming a Member is Easy

1. Complete the membership application.

Submitting your application will take you to the next step.

2. Set up your dues; choose the option you prefer.

Your payments are automatic once you subscribe, following the 30 day free period.

Once you subscribe, you will be taken to a page (and you'll receive an email) to get you started right away.

We look forward to welcoming you!

The Sage Sisters is inclusive and welcomes all women regardless of ability; race/ethnicity; and cultural, sexual, religious/spiritual, and political practices and beliefs. In addition, we use an inclusive definition of women and welcome cisgender women, transgender women, and people assigned female at birth who identify as non-binary or gender fluid. We believe that everyone has unique life experiences and perspectives and should feel this group is a safe place. As such, we offer each member respect and kindness.