Partnerships make our individual and collective life experiences richer.

Sage Sisters Members enjoy additional perks offered by our partner organizations.

Rowan Tree logo

Rowan Tree is a coworking and cogrowth community in Herndon, Virginia that is focused on women and open to all. Rowan Tree offers a physical workspace as well as a wide variety of in-person and online professional and well-living programming. The Sage Sisters is a Rowan Tree content provider.

SAGE SISTERS MEMBER PERK: Free or discounted admission to one Rowan Tree Event per month.

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SOAR Community Network helps growing organizations develop compassionate leaders, cohesive teams, and collaborative cultures. The SOAR Community Nebula is a community of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, team leaders, and community leaders who engage with one another and through events to develop compassion, cohesion, and collaboration skills.

SAGE SISTERS MEMBER PERK: Discounted admission to SOAR Nebula events and to join as a member.

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