Meet the Sage Teachers

These women have been invited to share their knowledge, expertise, wisdom, tools/techniques, and services with us in the following ways:
  • Provide teaching content and engagement within our Members-only Facebook group

  • Serve as featured panelists during Chat with the Sages events

  • Participate in our Sage Circle Events

  • Offer regular or one-time Members-only events (Sage Teacher Events)

  • Promote their public events on our Events Calendar

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Jennie Sikes
Ascending Dawn Doula, LLC logo

Jennie Sikes, Ascending Dawn Doula, LLC

Reiki Healing, Hypnotherapy, End of Life Doula

I work with individuals who are experiencing life transitions and milestones and provide holistic healing services that meet each individual where they are in their journey. This includes individuals in their late 20s and 30s when everything feels like it is shifting, including friends falling away, changing jobs, or milestones such as settling into a new home, partnerships, children growing, and passing of elders. There are also those in their 40s and 50s+ who feel inner healing is beckoning them and the wisdom of the ages is making itself aware. As we age, there are those who need a break from elder care or a simple sharing of space, such as sitting and talking or looking at pictures. I love providing fresh perspectives to help in one's journey and work with each person to remove any obstacles to allow for their continued healing and successful life journey.


Reiki Healing, Chakra Tune-Ups, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy (addictions, fears and healing, spiritual connections), Past Life Regressions, Soul Hearten Hypnosis, and End-of-Life Doula. Sessions can also include a sprinkling of tarot, oracle, astrology, and numerology. I also offer career coaching from the perspective of self.

“We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” -- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

"Love what you do, do what you love." -- Wayne Dyer

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Mary de la Fe
MCJ Meetings & Human Design logo

Mary de la Fe

Human Design Readings

I work with people who are in transition, including young adults starting their journey and adults who are looking for a new path. These individuals want to connect more with themselves and grow into who they are meant to be. They are feeling stuck, are looking for a change, or are being forced into a change, and want to explore themselves fully to create a life designed around who they are.


Human Design

I am a 2/5 Generator sharing my human design journey.


Tina Neuhaus
Destination Tarot logo

Tina Neuhaus, Destination Tarot

Intuitive Tarot Readings, Sexual Trauma Survivor Peer Support & Mentor

I work with women looking to expand beyond the conditioning and ‘should’ aspects of life. Tarot cards help illustrate what is happening in a person's life and guides them toward what needs to fall away, what needs to be looked at, what new opportunities there might be, and more. What happens behind the cards is a connection of their guides and higher selves and the guidance my client needs at this point comes through intuitively. These messages are reflected in and reinforced by the cards. There is also the healing aspect of being heard, appreciated, and loved. My goal is for each client to walk away armed with a warm heart and clarity on how to tackle life’s challenges. When possible, I like to integrate what aspect of their soul’s purpose is emerging and what is needed to usher in this emerging aspect of the self.

I offer tarot readings as well as a weekly peer support group for sexual trauma survivors.


Tarot, shadow work for personal growth and healing, trauma recovery (from a spiritual perspective) and ongoing peer support.

Tarot has been life altering for me, as I heal from past traumas and continue working to align with my greater purpose. Identifying and working with the shadow aspects impacting our lives and holding us back is of utmost importance. This deeper level of self awareness is the key to interacting with life from a place of strength and empowerment.


Corinne Coppola
Corinne Coppola. LLC logo

Corinne Coppola, Corinne Coppola. LLC

Internal Family Systems Coach, Retreats

I work with women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s who are experiencing challenging transitions that are negatively affecting their relationships with self and others, as well as young adults who are struggling with anxiety and depression. I act as a guide on the client's personal roadmap to joy, freedom, and connection.


Internal Family Systems Level 2 Practitioner, and R.E.S.T. retreats -- 1:1 and small group retreat experiences.

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Melissa Cecchine

Melissa Cecchine

Money Educator & Coach, Financial Consultant

I work with professional women who have neglected their personal finances and want to build their wisdom and well being around money and wealth. The result is a clear, solid foundation and confidence that they are on track financially and set up to fulfill their dreams, retirement, and the legacy they want to leave.


Through years of studying finance, money, and personal development, I have created programs and tools for your Money IQ (learning how money works) and Money EQ (money mindset work) to move out of the dark about money and on the path to financial enlightenment or what I like to call "wealth consciousness."

Personal development has been a life long journey for me; I've been taking classes consistently since 1997. Over the past several years this has expanded to include spiritual development.

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Becky Upchurch
Higher Good Coaching logo

Becky Upchurch, Higher Good Coaching

Clarity & Mindset Coach

I help professional women who feel like there's not enough time to do it all and are exhausted from going through the motions as well as those who feel "stuck" in one or more areas of life. I work with them to identify what matters most, create a plan to get it, release things that aren't theirs to own, and address the mindsets that get in the way so that they can deepen their relationships, thrive in their careers, and live lives that lights them up.

I offer private (1:1) coaching.


All things goal-setting & mindset including fear, getting unstuck, boundaries, body image, etc.

I am a total "crazy dog lady" and my motto for life and business is "Love Self, Serve Others."

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Alison Babil
True North Healing logo

Alison Babil, True North Healing

Feldenkrais®, Sounder Sleep System®, Soul Lightening Acupressure, Bodywork

I work with anyone who has pain/tension and would like to move better and sleep better. As a Feldenkrais® practitioner, Soul Lightening Acupressure practitioner, Reiki master, and licensed massage therapist, I help people experience less pain, more ease, more calm, and more freedom in their body and life.

I work with clients one on one both virtually and in person. I teach classes virtually and in person.

Expertise: Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®, Sounder Sleep System® instructor, Soul Lightening Acupressure practitioner, Reiki master, and licensed massage therapist for nearly 20 years. Classes in Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement®, Sounder Sleep System®, and acupressure for self-care. I have extensive training in Alchemical Alignment, bodywork for trauma resolution and embodiment of spirit. Respect for the whole person is foundational to my approach.

Feldenkrais and Soul Lightening Acupressure changed my life. I love sharing these gifts with others! I also love swimming, spending time in nature with loved ones and my dog, working with angels, and daily meditation.

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Shana Pellon
Xenodox LLC logo

Shana Pellon, Xenodox LLC

Tarot, Numerology

I work with people who want to grow and expand to get through personal blockages. During a tarot card reading I like to focus on aspects such as the ego, shadow, and explore Jungian theories with an emphasis on the esoteric or mystical. I also like to incorporate psychological tools like the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Enneagram as additional tools for self-reflection. I also view creativity as key to healing and spiritual growth, and encourage expression through creative writing and crafting.

I offer personal tarot card readings and numerology reports. I will also consult on personality typing with my clients, and any other areas of the spiritual experience such as soul connections, past life issues, and shadow work.


Personality typing, tarot, numerology, astrology, and jeweler.

Xenodox is a multimedia organization because I can’t focus on one thing at a time. I love sharing and expressing creatively through various means. I also make and sell crystal jewelry.

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Krista Maxwell
Unlock Your Potentiality LLC logo

Krista Maxwell, Unlock Your Potentiality LLC

Soul Contract Readings, Life & Spiritual Coach

I work with anyone who is ready to understand themselves better at the soul level and are ready to transform their life. Often they feel there is something they are here to do but don't know what it is. They wonder, "Who am I? Why am I here? What is my life purpose?" They may also deal with one challenge after another and want to understand why. I use the fastest and most powerful way to decode the secrets of the blueprint of each person's life hidden within their birth name to help them find true self and align with who they are at a much deeper level so that they have clarity to find true sustaining joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment in their life journey.


I use Soul Contract readings to help people gain clarity on why their life is the way it is, empower them to manifest their hidden life purpose, and discover ways to overcome their challenges.

One of my favorite Tony Robbins quotes is, "Life doesn't happen to you, it happens for you." This completely changed the way I look at things in every aspect of my life.

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Jody Tompros
Mindfulness Painting Experience logo

Jody Tompros, Mindfulness Painting Experience

Intuitive Artist & Mindfulness Painting Facilitator

I work with therapists, creatives, coaches, educators, and the like, who are exhausted. I create a safe, sacred space for them to dive deeply into their inner landscape to experience and paint their feelings and body sensations. This experience allows them to explore with curiosity and without judgment, and use their intuition to touch down into the depths of their creative source. The experience offers a release of frustration, rest, and healing, and helps them reconnect to themselves and their passion.

I offer regular "Mindfulness Painting Experience: Creating Art from the Soul" classes.


Experiential facilitator of personal growth and creativity. Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

I grew up in a Greek-Italian family. When you think about my early childhood experience, think My Big Fat Greek Wedding marries Moon Struck.

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Judy Kane
Aligned Consciousness logo

Judy Kane, Aligned Consciousness

Mindset Change Specialist using PSYCH-K®

I work with people who have patterns in their life that are causing stress and keeping them from achieving their conscious goals. These could be unsupportive relationships, stress when thinking about certain topics or people, inability to get past a certain business threshold, phobias, and physical symptoms of stress. I help them find and change their self-limiting beliefs. This can have life-changing benefits that allow people to choose what they want to be true in their life instead of making fear-based choices. I often serve as a resource for coaches to help their clients get past barriers that are keeping them stuck in the coaching programs. I am passionate about reaching as many people as possible to inform them about subconscious beliefs and help them find clues in their lives that help them understand the patterns that are not serving them well.


PSYCH-K®, Subconscious beliefs: what they are, where they come from, how they impact you, and how to change them.

"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right." - Henry Ford

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Gretchen Schutte
Peace in the Pause logo

Gretchen Schutte, Peace in the Pause

Yoga, Meditation, Wooded Wanders, Local & International Yoga Retreats

I work with professional women with full plates. At the root of my classes and experiences are tools that help them navigate their day with more ease. My intention is for participants to take the movement, breath, and mindfulness they learn on the mat out into their lives to navigate it with a sense of calm. Through breath, movement, and mindfulness I help people find peace in the pause.


Yoga, meditation, wooded wanders.

Lover of yoga, breath, life, and flavor. Advocate for laughter, balance, and wellness.

I often ask myself and others “What would it feel like to pause?”

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Lisa Adams
Renegade Mystic logo

Lisa Adams, Renegade Mystic LLC

Tarot, Astrology, Shamanic Healing

I work with women who are on a spiritual journey and need a guide to develop their understanding and gifts. They struggle to listen to their inner wisdom and tend to overthink everything. They may also have challenges integrating spirituality and spiritual practices into their daily lives. I offer services and courses that help people make sense of their lives from a spiritual perspective so they can make choices and decisions informed by their inner wisdom.

I offer coaching, tarot or astrology readings, courses, and experiential events.


Tarot, astrology, ritual, energy and sixth senses, earth-based spirituality, shamanic healing, sacred sexuality, Reiki (Reiki Master since 1996), energy healing, and teaching healers how to help others heal.

I've worked in the spiritual and healing arts for over 30 years. Spirit infuses my entire life with meaning and deep understanding and is at the core of all I do. My personal style of earth-based mysticism and spirituality is grounded and gritty.

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Nasrin Barbic
Pathway to Lasting Joy logo

Nasrin Barbic, Pathway to Lasting Joy

Spiritual Love & Relationship Coach/Mentor, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

I work with women between the ages of 30-70 who have been in multiple failed relationships and are looking for lasting love, are in a relationship and would like to create more intimacy and connection, or seem to have it all and yet they do not feel fulfilled or happy in life. I am passionate about empowering conscious women to create soul-aligned relationships so that they don't have to settle for something less than what they really deserve. I help them reclaim their feminine power, self-love, and access the joy they have been searching for and missing in their life so that they can manifest true lasting love.

I have a group coaching program, Love Mastery, for single women who are looking for deep connections, true love, and meaningful relationships. I offer Relationship Mastery for those who are in relationship and wish to build deeper connection with their partners. I also offer spiritual mentorship and mindfulness meditation to create more joy in life.


I use traditional coaching methods, scientifically proven techniques, and deep healing through hypnotherapy and energy work to help women release mental, physical, and spiritual blocks to success in all area of their life. I believe we are all unique in our healing practices.

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Tina Unrue
Selfish Mama, LLC logo

Tina Unrue, Selfish Mama, LLC

Mindset Coach for Moms, Mindset Assessment, Self-Reflection Card Deck

I work with moms who are self-growth minded, moms who feel stuck and searching for something more from life, and moms who want support in being the mom they want to be. I help them learn how to prioritize themselves and make themselves the common thread in their lives. Motherhood is an invitation to come home to ourselves rather than to ignore or dismiss ourselves and our needs...and it's not just beneficial for us, but for our kids. Working with me offers a mom the ability to gain clarity about herself and her purpose, increase confidence, and feel more grounded in herself and her journey.

I offer bespoke 1:1 coaching and group coaching sessions on curated topics. I also offer tools to support clients, including a mindset assessment and a self-reflection card deck. And in 2023, I'll launch a variety of on-demand webinars/training courses.


Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment, helping moms make life reflect more of them, rather than less, so that they can feel more present and aligned in life and motherhood.

I light up thinking about how powerful mothers are and supporting them on their journey home to themselves. My work isn't just a job, it's who I am. Self-growth is literally the driving force in my life...but, lots of coffee and hobbies like photography, baking, and learning help.

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Janet Tamassia
The Sage Sisters LLC logo

Janet Tamassia, The Sage Sisters LLC

Personal Development & Spiritual Student/Teacher

I work with women who love exploring and discovering more about who they are to improve their relationships and life experiences. Nothing excites me more than an "aha!" moment that seems to change everything, simply because of a change in perspective. I'm a student of all things related to personal development, and love sharing and discussing what I've learned with other women. I am particularly drawn to exploring ideas about life from a spiritual perspective, including the distant "past," our current purpose, and distant "future." This includes past lives and our soul's journey, our higher selves, channeled information from ascended masters, the Law of One, and more. I love reading books and listening to podcasts that open my mind to possibilities, beyond what we have been taught, what we can see, or what we believe to be true.

I offer membership within this community.


The Sage Sisters founder, group facilitator, and student of life!

Books that have changed my life: A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle; The Choice, by Dr. Edith Egar; The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz; Unbound, by Kasia Urbaniak; The Law of One (series), by Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert, and James McCarty; The Instruction and The Old Soul's Guidebook, by Ainslee MacLeod; all books by Brian Weiss; The Disappearance of the Universe (trilogy), by Gary Renard.

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