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Sage Circle events are opportunities for all Members to share, discuss, and learn about a particular topic.

What to Expect

We each have knowledge, unique perspectives, and sage wisdom. Sage Circle events are group discussions focused on a particular topic. We share ideas, resources, insights, personal wisdom/experiences, and/or support and encouragement.

Sage Circle events are facilitated by Janet Tamassia or a Sage Teacher and are focused on equal (but optional) sharing by all participants. Topics of discussion are determined by the needs and desires of Sage Members and fall into the categories of mindset and our inner selves, relationships and communication, spiritual growth, physical wellbeing, and practical living.

Our discussions are open, thoughtful, and respectful. Members are encouraged to participate in the events they believe will help them discover, learn, and grow. Participation in all discussions and events is optional. Helpful resources and general tips are shared with Members in summary note form following the event.

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When We Meet

Sage Circles may spout up throughout the year based on Member and facilitator interest. They may be held as a one-time event or a regular event. Members are surveyed 3 times a year to give their input on when we meet, but generally we meet on a weeknight (Mon-Thu) from 7:30-9:00pm ET on Zoom.

2023 Topics

February: Happiness & Joy

March: Intuition Development

April: Self-Care

June: Self-Love

July: Confidence & Empowerment

August: Organization & Productivity

September: Physical Health & Healing

October: Core Values

November: Gratitude

December: Reflecting & Releasing

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