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The Sage Circle, formerly called the Mastermind, is open to all Virtual and All-Access Sage Sisters Members, to receive sage support, inspiration, and acknowledgement within a trusted community.

Through participation, individually we expand and collectively we become stronger.

What is the Sage Circle?

We each have knowledge, unique perspectives, and sage wisdom. We also experience wins and challenges. The Sage Circle is a monthly a monthly interactive group process and discussion focused on supporting each Member's goals and challenges and celebrating their wins. Each Member shares and receives support from the trusted circle of Sage Sisters.

What to Expect

All participants are given equal time. We start with a grounding and connection exercise. Then we share a challenge, a need or desire, an area where we'd like to grow, and/or what we want to celebrate and what our "ask" is of the group. This can be ideas, resources, insights, personal wisdom/experiences, and/or support or encouragement. We end with a closing exercise.

Join Us In-Person or Online

We currently meet monthly from 7-9pm ET, on the 4th Monday in-person at Rowan Tree in Herndon, Virginia, with masks required, and on the 4th Tuesday online on Zoom. Members choose the day/location that suits their schedule best each month.

Women seated closely in a circle with their hands gathered together in the middle

Preparation Questions

  • What is something positive or challenging I have experienced in the last month?
  • What do I want to discover and learn?
  • In what area do I want or need to grow?
  • What kind of help, support, or encouragement do I need?

Sage Circle Benefits

  • Stay focused on your personal growth
  • Take time to focus on what is important to you
  • Gain insight, new ideas, and resources
  • Be inspired by a community of growth-oriented women
  • Share your own knowledge, experience, and wisdom to help others
  • Feel safe in a space we create together, filled with mutual respect and trust
  • Create deep, lasting relationships/friendships

Membership enables you to participate in the Sage Circle!